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"I watched with excitement, with tears and chills Testimony Theater’s complex theatrical performance. The idea of joining the youth with actual witnesses was astonishing. The delicate directing prevented all artificiality and schema. I congratulate you, and hope you continue your fascinating, very original work.”

A.B. Yehoshua,
Israeli author and playwright, winner of Israel Prize for Literature and Poetry


"I wish to express my deep appreciation, even my gratitude – for the experience you gave meand many others, watching your Testimony Theater. You have succeeded creating a uniquely stimulating path, while motivating the third generation at the same time. We have been privileged to witness you presenting it, making it ours to watch and see it. Well done!”

Avshalom Kor,
PhD in Language, lecturer, journalist and broadcaster on ‘Kol Israel’


"There is a phrase saying, ‘the devil is in the detail’. I was impressed, and thank you for the small details resulting in a grand expressions of the horror, that cannot be expressed. The nightmare of the Holocaust is found in a slice of bread, in a snippet of clothing, or a tiny hiding hole in the ground. It is not only the story, but the little things in the storytelling – these are what make us witnesses, full partners in the awful experiences you went through. Irit and Ezra – you are doing something important and powerful, thank you for allowing me to take part."

Professor David Johnson,
founder of the Playback Theater and Drama Therapy


“It was a sensational surprise; I was truly touched. This union between adolescents and survivors that occurs on the stage, is a one of a kind, magnificent bond; it took my breath away. I know of no better way to pass on memory.”

Yossi Sarid,
politician, journalist, writer and poe


“Testimony Theater is a combination of justice, morality, education, and moving commitment. Irit and Ezra Dagan started and took upon themselves a mission unlike any other: a race against the biological clock. We were so moved. Bless you in your work.”

Oded Ben Ami,
journalist and media personality


“The Holocaust was always something distant, found only in texts and films, not spoken about enough. This project was the most meaningful experience I have had in my life. The privilege to meet survivors, to get to know them, and hear them up so close is not at all obvious. I thank you Irit and Ezra for making this happen. I don’t have words to express how much I admire you.”

Bar Sharlyn, 
project participant


“We were taught about the Holocaust at school, but they did not teach us how to feel. Here I managed to access and understand, here I really managed to actually feel. I want to thank the adults who opened up to us and gave us a glimpse into their past. What we got from you will remain in our hearts forever.” 

Ilit Harel, 
project participant


"You are ambassadors of God, not only for the victims, but also the survivors: the Haggada of Passover it says “For the one who does not know how to ask, you open for him”. You have opened up the source of the voices of those who had kept silent for 60 years. You are fulfilling a holy mission in passing Holocaust awareness to the next generations. Your contribution to us, the survivors and the Jewish people is irreplaceable …”

David Dogo Leitner,
Holocaust survivor, project participant


“This was an encounter with my whole family who passed away, and with my little girl-self as well. As I look back today I feel the fear and pain, this time softened and safeguarded by your company, Irit and Ezra, and the children. It’s a great gift that cannot be measured in words.”

Ilana Blumenfeldt,
Holocaust survivor, project participant

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